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co-worker / сотрудник
имя существительное
collaborator, cooperator, fellow worker, co-worker
имя существительное
a fellow worker.
She was so convincing in her description that a second co-worker went out to buy one - and is equally as happy.
I passed by the cubicle of a co-worker at the company for which I'm currently working on contract.
After that incident I made a pact with my co-worker and other close friends.
Let us suppose you have some confidential information that you need to share with a co-worker .
Why is it that you think it is justified to arm-twist your fellow co-workers ?
She will also be sadly missed by all her cousins, aunts, uncles and many dear friends and co-workers .
They were both very lucky, but they also lost a lot of friends and co-workers .
Whatever the cause, he has seen what happens to some of his co-workers after a day in the fields.
It had cost her several longstanding friendships and had alienated co-workers .
It's always fun to play some tricks on fellow friends, co-workers , and family members.