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co-star / играть главную роль в паре
играть главную роль в паре
имя существительное
исполнитель ролей второго плана
appear in a production as a costar.
she costarred with Robert De Niro in the movie version
имя существительное
a leading actor or actress appearing in a movie, on stage, etc., with another or others of equal importance.
His natural demeanor can seem a tad tepid, but at least he's not trying to be a jittery homespun Hepburn like his famous co-star .
Add Eddie Murphy to co-star with Steve Martin and it had to be a done deal.
He is pretty much an equal co-star in The Pink Panther Strikes Again, the third and funniest of the series.
Take a moment to quiz the staff and they'll gladly regale you of the occasion when the Lethal Weapon star dragged his co-star Glenn Close along there to sample their sizeable haddock.
He turned down the role after discovering that his co-star would be Clark Gable.
Benigni's film and his co-star , the child actor Giorgio Cantarini, are very much in the tradition of the neo-realist dependence on the reactions of children.
The Behind the Scenes featurette is nothing more than a fellow actor's love letter to their canine co-star .
The movie will co-star Johnny Depp as a Scotland Yard detective, his second outing with a magnifying glass after last year's Sleepy Hollow.
she had a well-publicized affair with her co-star
Tanya, pink satin jacket fitting her petite frame perfectly, threatened her co-star from across the stage.