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co-pilot / второй пилот, амфетамин
имя существительное
второй пилот
amphetamine, co-pilot
имя существительное
a second pilot in an aircraft.
act as the copilot of (an aircraft).
I'm expecting the co-pilot to back up the captain with both the flying and the observing for threats.
Forward, in what was termed the ‘bridge,’ sat the captain and co-pilot (first officer and second in command).
In addition to Bill Auberlen, he also announced that Robin Liddell will co-pilot one of the entries this season.
When the airplane is clear of the ground, direct the co-pilot to retract and lock the landing gear.
They co-pilot the No. 45 Flying Lizards Porsche and currently are in third place in the division with 69 points.
Perhaps the garage owner was too scared to co-pilot .
Next the flight attendant gets the co-pilot to speak with her.
Several officers and his co-pilot were dead and all looked lost until he managed to hide in a cloud long enough to shake off his pursuers.
The cameras were integrated into a system that would automatically adjust their operation according to the co-pilot 's input of the aircraft's speed and altitude.
They will co-pilot the Chemcraft Corvette Z06 in the six-hour race at the historic Le Circuit