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co-own / совместно владеть
совместно владеть
own (something) jointly.
He is a well-dressed, impeccably coiffed, university-educated 27-year-old who co-owns a computer and video business in Iraq's capital.
the clubs co-own the ground
It is primarily a financial decision, as they co-own a rambling property in Yorkshire and another in Italy.
The two firms co-own a fleet of five trucks and share three employees who specialize in nutrition and purchase of feed ingredients.
Earlier on May 9, a spokesman for Honda, who co-own the team, said the manufacturer was confused and hurt by the punishment, which they said was ‘too severe’, and protested that the rules were ‘ambiguous’.
He co-owns the course with his sons Tod, Mike and Grant, who is also the company's managing director.
He also co-owns a chain of mortuaries, which kept him occupied in down years.
This co-ownership may arise deliberately because the property is conveyed to two or more persons as co-owners, or by operation of law.
She also co-owns two flats in Southern district and an apartment in her name in San Francisco.
I'm sure that alliances and co-ownerships are useful for promotion - and I believe in promotion and marketing.
The puppy is co-owned by Patrick's father Jack.