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co-op / кооператив, кооперативное общество
кооперативное общество
имя существительное
a cooperative society, business, or enterprise.
At the edge of the village is an organic market where farmers from six co-ops sell their organic produce to the community.
имя существительное
a cage or pen for confining poultry.
a chicken coop
confine in a small space.
being cooped up indoors all day makes him fidgety
The decision to focus on pizza crust production has proven to be a good choice for the co-op .
The trust had provided the co-op with extra office space and an overnight room.
It was one way of stressing the role of the co-op in the social as well as in the economic life of the people.
The recession in the babysitting co-op was real, as real as a recession in any normal economy.
The need for a co-op has resulted from the need for better quality, better quantity food.
If the public company had to abolish dividends, what would the co-op use to pay the interest on its loans?
Whether it's a conventional business, co-op or non-profit trust, you still need income to run it.
We planned to operate our farm as a co-op so traditional fishermen would still have access.
Meanwhile, the first steps towards reshaping the rules governing the co-op are being taken.
A supervisory board has begun the recovery of funds owed by the co-op , including rent.