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co-author / соавтор
имя существительное
создавать в соавторстве
имя существительное
a joint author.
be a joint author of (a book, paper, or report).
His co-author is an IT consultant specializing in enterprise management.
an American teacher who later became his wife and co-author
Martin has a PhD in behavioural biology and a track record as author and co-author of popular science books.
The addition of Ross as a co-author is probably intended to create a façade of scientific authority.
As a co-author of that document, I would like to clarify points raised in both articles.
Jerry is author or co-author of several hundred articles and more than 30 books.
His co-author was Roger Kahn, one of the best writers ever on the topic of baseball.
Gary Gardner, co-author of the report, said the impact of chronic hunger and obesity was immense.
He is the co-author of several books on Wisconsin golf courses and fishing.
They're the co-authors of ‘Actual Innocence.’