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clutter / беспорядок, шум, хаос
имя существительное
mess, disorder, clutter, confusion, chaos, turmoil
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, clutter
chaos, clutter, misrule, pie, tohubohu
создавать суматоху
приводить в беспорядок
disorder, derange, disarrange, clutter, disturb, tumble
загромождать вещами
clutter, clutter up
имя существительное
a collection of things lying about in an untidy mass.
the attic is full of clutter
crowd (something) untidily; fill with clutter.
his apartment was cluttered with paintings and antiques
And anyway, these protesters shouldn't be allowed to clutter up the pavements.
Her bedroom was full of clothes and other clutter , something which is very unlike my gran.
the room was in a clutter of smelly untidiness
Metallic clutter in the ground will slow down a detection mission because all metallic objects must be investigated.
Gill revels in the chaos of roadworks, the clutter of abandoned lots and the forgotten spaces between buildings.
Much as I hate to admit it, I actually miss the noise and the chaos and the clutter .
For one thing, it does add some internal clutter to the system, already full of cables, wires and brackets.
Avoid too much clutter and only add objects that are useful, not merely decorative.
They have their hands full as confused vehicle users move circuitously in the connecting roads and amid the clutter of material on the main roads.
I pretend to myself that I want the place spotless and ordered, and sometimes I even achieve that state, and it falls back into comfortable clutter within an hour or day or two.