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clutch / сцепление, муфта, выводок
имя существительное
clutch, adhesion, coupling, linkage, cohesion, adherence
clutch, coupling, sleeve, socket, muff, union
brood, litter, clutch, hatch, covey, aerie
seize, seize upon, clutch, snatch, leap, fasten upon
grasp, clutch, snatch, pluck at
seize, catch, take hold of, grapple, capture, clutch
имя прилагательное
reliable, secure, safe, solid, sound, clutch
имя существительное
a tight grasp or an act of grasping something.
she made a clutch at his body
a slim, flat handbag without handles or a strap.
Put the accent on femininity with this classy suede-and-lace clutch .
a mechanism for connecting and disconnecting a vehicle engine from its transmission system.
Conventional automatic transmission systems do not have a clutch between the engine and the gearbox.
a group of eggs fertilized at the same time, typically laid in a single session and (in birds) incubated together.
We collected clutches , incubated the eggs, and took blood samples from hatching young.
grasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly.
he stood clutching a microphone
имя прилагательное
(in sport) denoting or occurring in a critical situation in which the outcome of a game or competition is at stake.
they both are hard-nosed players who seem to thrive in clutch situations
It would therefore take a single female 40-50 days to lay the maximum clutch that could be incubated.
The club's best clutch hitter, eventually became the club's everyday first baseman and cleanup hitter.
I stepped on the clutch hard and fast, thinking Merlin might drive right over me.
He is shooting well and handing out assists while playing in clutch situations and handling them with poise.
Clearly, it was clutch hitting like that which brought me to their attention.
she made a clutch at his body
She dropped her sword because his clutch was so tight, she nearly passed out.
Good hitters are good clutch hitters; bad hitters are bad clutch hitters.
She attempted to tear out of his grasp once again until she felt his hand tighten in a bone shattering clutch over her wrist.
She popped the clasp on her clutch and plucked out her mobile phone.