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cluster / скопление, гроздь, пучок
имя существительное
cluster, accumulation, congestion, collection, aggregation, gathering
bunch, cluster, raceme, truss, fascicle, fascicule
sheaf, bundle, bunch, tuft, bun, cluster
расти пучками
cluster, tuft
расти гроздьями
собираться группами
cluster, gather in knots
имя существительное
a group of similar things or people positioned or occurring closely together.
clusters of creamy-white flowers
be or come into a cluster or close group; congregate.
the children clustered around her skirts
Two vast cavities extend away from the super massive black hole in the cluster 's central galaxy.
a cluster of antique shops
This difference was significant, even in the rigorous statistical analysis for the cluster level design, controlling for confounding variables.
The deer continues moving past the cluster of grapevines I'm hiding in and now I can see her clearly.
Defensive, impenetrable, they cluster together for security, and perhaps that is part of the artist's intention.
Similarly, in scientific data mining, algorithms seek to cluster , generalize, and classify patterns and correlations in databases.
Absorbing a photon can force a photosensitive cluster of atoms to reposition a chemical bond and create a kink in a polymer chain.
We have said that when multiple repeated tests are performed results will cluster around the ‘true’ value.
The researcher used cluster sampling in this study and also eliminated participant duplication.
Policy makers should consider testing health service innovation using cluster randomised controlled trials with the hospital as the sampling unit.