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clunky / неуклюжим
clumsy, bulky
имя прилагательное
awkwardly solid, heavy, and outdated.
even last year's laptops look clunky
making a clunking sound.
clunky conveyor belts
Which is a pity, considering how horrid, clunky and dated they all are.
The telephones are clunky , the colors are brown, the cars are funky jalopies.
In fact, with its old-fashioned approach to animation, it looks clunky in comparison to some of its competitors.
Their slow acoustic strumming and clunky drumming are answered by sort piano crashes.
Whereas it seems everyone else carries the cute, stylish phones, she seems to be dragging along with clunky looking models.
The author seems unsure whether he is writing a thriller or a satire and, with his clunky prose and rudimentary plot, ends up doing neither.
They have created a keyboard that's clunky , loud and heavy.
The old, noisy fans and ancient clunky light switches are gone.
It is a sign of how quickly technology can evolve that those desktops, once the sign of individual liberation, now seem somewhat clunky themselves.
The north park is home to a couple of tiny ponds, traversed by bridges festooned with clunky metal turtles designed by a local artist.