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clunker / драндулет
  • old clunker - старый драндулет
имя существительное
an old, run-down vehicle or machine.
Computer stores probably don't sell clunkers like your old laptop any more.
I showed up with my clunker of a mountain bike, wearing a tank top and shorts, and I was good to go.
Although, then again, if her press people had had the chance to review the article, perhaps they could have prevented this clunker from appearing.
Familiar, yes, but substandard, like going back to drive the old clunker of a car you used to own before you could finally afford something brand new.
Ready to get out of that old clunker and slide into a shiny new car?
The script is a real clunker , featuring dialogue so inept one is tempted to suspect the screenwriter died early in the process.
But in all honesty I'm just glad for the fact that the movie is not the cast-iron clunker it could've been.
Sixteen songs, and not a clunker amongst them, really is an embarrassment of riches and will surely bring this gifted singer songwriter the audience he deserves.
It can also be fun to modernize an old clunker , particularly if you're the type who likes to tinker.
novel after novel and not a clunker among them
It includes nonsense about not raking up lawn clippings, using fluorescent light bulbs and getting your old clunker of a car tuned more often.