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clunk / глухой звук, тяжелый удар
имя существительное
глухой звук
thud, clunk, thump, clonk, surd
тяжелый удар
clunk, thump, clonk, pound, hammerblow, oner
move with or make heavy, dull sounds.
the machinery clunked into life
имя существительное
a heavy, dull sound such as that made by thick pieces of metal striking together.
My heels' sound changed from the dull clunk of shoe on wood to the clipped sharpness of heel on marble.
a stupid or foolish person.
Seconds later, I heard a dull clunk as he placed the firewood on the floor.
there was a clunk as the receiver went down
This method of tuning the pan is what gives it it's ringing quality as opposed to a dull clunk .
Step inside: the doors have the clunk of a well-built car; the seats have lovely back rests.
A plate sank to the bottom of the sink, where it made a dull clunk .
‘It's him,’ she said crisply setting her bag down on the ground with a heavy clunk as the new binders connected with the ground through the fabric.
There followed the sound of a chair falling over and a metallic clunk as an ash tray tumbled to the stone floor.
don't let her see what a clunk I'm married to
Clunk clunk clunk went the footsteps overhead.
It was silent for a long moment, except for the usual clunk of wagon wheels on the uneven street and the muffled shouts of men calling from their market stalls.