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clumsy / неуклюжий, неловкий, неповоротливый
имя прилагательное
clumsy, awkward, bumbling, hulking, lumbering, ungainly
awkward, clumsy, uneasy, ungainly, gauche, ungraceful
clumsy, hulking, sluggish, leaden, logy, snail-paced
имя прилагательное
awkward in movement or in handling things.
a terribly clumsy fellow
Frantically, she scrambled back through the ventilation shaft, haste making her movements clumsy and loud.
As it rocks from side to side, a walking penguin may look clumsy , but its movements are actually quite efficient.
I'm so completely clumsy and incapable of handling a sword or a gun that I just gave up on it.
I made this clumsy , half-hearted suicide attempt about a year ago.
His retaliations are clumsy and awkward in comparison.
The performances are flat and wooden; the writing is clumsy and unlikely to keep any child interested for more than a few minutes.
The clumsy frame-up attempt was as stupid as it was shortsighted.
It is difficult to believe that such clumsy moments derive from even a very early work by the great composer.
With this uncharacteristically clumsy device the author seems to be trying to relate his novel to public events, and trying too hard.
The extraordinarily clumsy and transparent attempt to bury the issue failed, however, resulting in a further inquiry and the present trials.