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clump / глыба, группа деревьев, звук тяжелых шагов
имя существительное
lump, block, clump, cob, clod, mammock
группа деревьев
clump, cluster
звук тяжелых шагов
clump, tramp
тяжело ступать
clump, stump, lump, tramp, trample, stump along
сажать группами
ставить двойную подошву
имя существительное
a compacted mass or lump of something.
clumps of earth
a thick extra sole on a boot or shoe.
the sound of heavy footsteps.
form into a clump or mass.
the particles tend to clump together
walk with a heavy tread.
She looked up and smirked as her brother went clumping out of the room, his boots thudding loudly, deliberately.
The mutant protein in each of these conditions is prone to clump together, forming aggregates, which appear to damage brain tissue.
She pointed to a clump of red seaweed growing by a cluster of rocks.
If such particles become unstable, they clump together causing the paint to thicken substantially.
His eyes scanned the muddy riverbank until he found what he was looking for: a large stick tangled in a clump of weeds.
She could hear the tap of his shoes from her hiding spot behind a clump of artificial plants.
Then she walked downhill until she found a place to spend the night - a clump of juniper trees on a narrow ledge. - -
They also teach the often-overlooked basics about how to move about on skis, encouraging you to clump around on a carpet fully kitted up.
But tiny particles tend to clump together in the air and then fall to the ground, so they need to be treated with a chemical to prevent that and keep them airborne.
When we caught up to them, we hid in a clump of trees and had a perfect view of everything.
A clump of palm trees ringed by white sand in the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, it's a treasure map come to life.