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clueless / невежественный
ignorant, stupid
имя прилагательное
having no knowledge, understanding, or ability.
you're clueless about how to deal with the world
He looked so clueless and confused that they started laughing even harder.
There are worrying stories of call centre employees who are clueless about managing their money.
The problem is that most of us are still hopelessly clueless about wireless.
My wife was clueless about my music and actually saw my first concert six months after our marriage.
You just proved to me once and for all how incredibly clueless you really are!
But for some strange reason he is drawn to this clueless , blond bimbo like a moth to a flame.
What strikes me most about this chapter is just how clueless some academic critics are.
How can one man be so capable and intelligent and genuine, and yet so clueless about how to treat a woman?
I don't see much point in these things anyway, but when it comes to using one, I'm completely clueless .
He made the other guy out to be a bit of a clueless idiot, and himself as the only person that could be really relied upon to know what was going on.