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clue / ключ, улика, ключ к разгадке
имя существительное
key, clue, clef, spring, signature, fount
evidence, clue, piece of evidence
ключ к разгадке
disclose, reveal, open, unfold, uncover, clue
inform, report, communicate, tell, announce, clue
раскрывать тайну
clue, unravel a mystery, unearth a mystery
имя существительное
a piece of evidence or information used in the detection of a crime or solving of a mystery.
police officers are still searching for clues
a verbal formula giving an indication as to what is to be inserted in a particular space in a crossword or other puzzle.
He ran the words through his mind, almost like a crossword clue .
inform someone about a particular matter.
Stella had clued her in about Peter
crossword clue
She could feel his gaze on her, watching her, searching her for a clue to her earlier behaviour.
Examining her eyes for thyroid associated ophthalmopathy may give a clue to the underlying cause.
it provided a clue as to what causes cancer
It took five months, but she was given a clue that finally led to the arrest of the man responsible.
DNA gathered from one attack could provide a clue to the man's origins.
The stunning cover of this mysterious novel provides a clue to its structure.
But it also gives a clue to why there is such a paucity of women at the top in car sales.
His account of Defoe's popular success is a clue to his own writerly ambitions.
He ran the words through his mind, almost like a crossword clue .