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clubland / место сосредоточения клубов
имя существительное
место сосредоточения клубов
имя существительное
the world of nightclubs and of people who frequent them.
Having moved to London just in time to embrace its vibrant 1980s clubland scene, he now devotes his time to writing comedy sketches and radio plays as well as his artwork.
His clubland background also guarantees a cutting edge soundtrack for the bar.
he was already a star in clubland
the show featured four clubland favourites
As I leave the reading and venture out into clubland , the question haunts me.
We can now witness the wild world of early '80s London clubland in full-blown audiovisual glory.
As its founder explains, ‘The festival's a true representation of what's going on in clubland .’
When he sings Bedsitter, the timeless tale of clubland alienation, generations cheer in empathy.
What happens next is probably not untypical for many clubland acts who have their dreams shattered.
Yet James Bond is no clubland hero: he is too much of a loner and not entirely a gentleman.
There are a number of non-disco-oriented things happening in clubland .