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clubhouse / здание клуба, раздевалка для спортсменов
имя существительное
здание клуба
раздевалка для спортсменов
имя существительное
a building having a bar and other facilities for the members of a club.
One of the most spectacular of all his buildings has to be the Royal Irish Yacht Club's clubhouse , which was completed in 1850.
The school will be based at the Newbridge Rugby Football Club clubhouse for the first couple of months.
The clubhouse will include 18 changing rooms and the pitch will be given a state-of-the-art artificial grass surface.
When he walks in the clubhouse , this is a better team.
Back in the clubhouse the rush was to get into the changing room and claim the one warm shower we remembered from last time; unfortunately it didn't work and so it was cold showers all around.
The Bowls Club's new clubhouse looks set to open in time for the new season starting at the end of April.
There will be a meeting in the clubhouse dressing rooms on this Wednesday night at 9 o'clock.
It was close to one in the morning by the time the Carrington Beavers cleared the clubhouse , boarded the team bus, and headed home.
The main clubhouse features a gallery, which leads to an exercise room with a dramatic, 20-foot-high ceiling.
The modern clubhouse will boast six changing rooms for players, two more for match officials and a dedicated changing area for players with disabilities.
If their guy can't be president of the club, they'd rather tear down the whole clubhouse .