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clubby / clubby
имя прилагательное
friendly and sociable with fellow members of a group or organization but not with outsiders.
No, not a loner, it's just that I'm not a very clubby person.
He in many ways personifies that country's clubby business elite.
To his supporters, he is a truth teller, a policy innovator who is liberated enough from the department's clubby confines to speak his mind, even at the risk of upsetting diplomatic strategies.
People in the clubby world of hedge funds think that's the largest launch on record.
A provincial man, he perceived more clearly than most that his clubby colleagues in London needed to expand their horizons and broaden their base.
By the time we had reached the halfway point, our carriage had taken on a positive, clubby atmosphere.
There is a clubby feel to the evening as the 40 or so people separate into teams, and jot down their answers as Dave, the quizmaster, shoots questions.
While online debates can be splintered and diffuse and sometimes clubby , I'm heartened by the sheer number of them.
In the clubby confines of America's boardrooms, the sky is the limit.
The skills needed for law enforcement - a clubby culture of sharing information among agents - often means disaster in intelligence work.
It has wide open public areas that women tend to prefer instead of closed lounges where men are being clubby .