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clown / клоун, шут, паяц
имя существительное
clown, funnyman, harlequin, funster
jester, buffoon, clown, fool, mountebank, harlequin
clown, buffoon, dancer at shows
fool, fool around, clown, fool about, horse around, fool around with
изображать из себя клоуна
имя существительное
a comic entertainer, especially one in a circus, wearing a traditional costume and exaggerated makeup.
Tweedy, who is one of three clowns touring with the circus, made a big impact with the 150 children at the infant school.
an unsophisticated country person; a rustic.
The hob part of hobgoblin was a familiar form of Robin or Robert and became a standard name for a rustic person or a clown .
behave in a comical way; act playfully.
Harvey clowned around pretending to be a dog
He was the class clown , known by all and loved by most.
Martin was always the class clown
I was always the class clown
He resorts to being the class clown to cover up for his difficulties.
At heart, he loved to play the clown , and it was such a release to sit on a street corner and make a fool out of himself from time to time.
He was the class clown and he was always the life of the party.
a circus clown
And to that end, he teaches serious professionals how to play the clown .
He had a restless, attention-seeking nature and loved to play the clown .
Honestly, you should join the circus and become a clown .