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clover / клевер
имя существительное
clover, trefoil
имя существительное
a herbaceous plant of the pea family that has dense, globular flower heads, and leaves that are typically three-lobed. It is an important and widely grown fodder and rotational crop.
To attract these flies, plant some dill, parsley and sweet clover in your garden.
Cover crops included crimson clover , generally planted in the off-season to protect the soil.
Jean's honey is mainly produced from the nectar of clover , alfalfa and fireweed.
A four-course rotation was adopted based on turnips, clover , barley, and wheat.
First the air filled with the smells of clover , wet grass, and honeysuckle.
The image is framed by a garland of wheat, clover , and flax flowers.
He was pleased to find both yarrow and clover blossoms in the field.
As for clover , why not leave this attractive plant and good luck charm alone?
The organic farmer relies on the use of crop rotations, animal manure, clover and low stocking rates.
Leguminous plants such as clover evolved in parallel with legions of bacteria that live in their root nodules.
Cover crops containing clover and other legumes should also be monitored carefully as they might add excessive nitrogen to the vineyard soil.