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clout / затрещина, лоскут, влиятельное лицо
имя существительное
clout, crack
rag, patch, clout, snippet, snip
влиятельное лицо
overling, person of influence, mugwump, clout
давать затрещину
clout, quilt
грубо латать
грубо чинить
имя существительное
a heavy blow with the hand or a hard object.
a clout on the ear
influence or power, especially in politics or business.
I knew he carried a lot of clout
a piece of cloth or clothing, especially one used as a patch.
Perhaps you might like to send me some pictures of you in your clouts .
a target used in long-distance shooting, placed flat on the ground with a flag marking its center.
This type of sight allows the archer to aim directly at the clout flag while still holding the bow at an elevated angle so the arrow will travel the required distance.
hit hard with the hand or a hard object.
I clouted him on the head
mend with a patch.
a clout on the ear
But he admits that non-governmental organizations in these countries have a lot of political clout .
he helps the women clout their pans
Computer-related businesses exerted enormous economic clout as the twentieth century ended.
I knew he carried a lot of clout
The result was a thundering clout behind the right ear.
And it's very clear that these are the nations which have the clout at the global level.
The red-haired woman held her stun rod inches from Jewel's face, ready to clout her across the head.
The player stood off and a massive clout with the right foot from around 25 yards followed.
And he now has the clout to do something about it.