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cloudburst / ливень
имя существительное
shower, downpour, rainfall, cloudburst, deluge, torrent
имя существительное
a sudden, violent rainstorm.
It has survived thunderstorms and cloudbursts and has taken place every year except during the two world wars.
During Thursday afternoon's cloudburst , lightning struck a business in Grahamstown.
Amid a sudden cloudburst , the rain fogged up the windows and the Guardsmen took another wrong turn, getting about four minutes off course before turning around.
The shops on the riverside suddenly seemed a dangerous place to shelter from the deluge, which had started with a cloudburst about 3 pm on Monday afternoon.
The rain that came down upon the city was like a cloudburst ; the last time the rain poured down like this was some ten years ago.
Picnickers would aver that being caught in the Museum grounds during a cloudburst is hardly a pleasant experience.
There was a cloudburst in the afternoon with lots of lightening and thunder and today is overcast with light showers.
A cloudburst on Sunday afternoon caused the river to flood and they were washed off a low-level bridge.
Chaos erupted during a heavy cloudburst , forcing the large crowd to push through entrances for shelter.
Here was Spain having its hottest summer for years and we turn up to an absolute cloudburst .
Rain began to fall, spattering the ground and the soldiers, washing away the blood and grime in the sudden cloudburst .