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cloud / облако, туча, пятно
имя существительное
cloud, eddy
cloud, swarm
spot, stain, blot, blur, slick, cloud
darken, overshadow, cloud, overcloud, shadow, alloy
darken, obscure, dim, black out, obfuscate, cloud
cloud, overcloud
имя существительное
a visible mass of condensed water vapor floating in the atmosphere, typically high above the ground.
the sun had disappeared behind a cloud
a state or cause of gloom, suspicion, trouble, or worry.
the only cloud to appear on the horizon was Leopold's unexpected illness
a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet and used to store, manage, and process data in place of local servers or personal computers.
$13 per month gets you 25GB of storage in the cloud
(of the sky) become overcast with clouds.
the blue skies clouded over abruptly
make or become less clear or transparent.
blood pumped out, clouding the water
(of someone's face or eyes) show worry, sorrow, or anger.
his expression clouded over
A cloud of acrid smoke is hanging over the city and on the roads all the shops are closed for fear of rioting.
A cloud of smoke billowed up from the barrel of the pistol and the odor of gunpowder filled her nostrils.
So in a cloud of dust, the taxi lurched forward, throwing me back into my seat at the back.
You'll have been arrested in a blaze of publicity but the police won't make quite the same fuss over your release, meaning the cloud of suspicion will hang over you.
The blasts sent debris and shrapnel flying in a wide radius, and hundreds of panicked school children ran for cover, engulfed by a cloud of smoke.
A cloud of dust rises and momentarily obscures the wreck.
Substances such as egg whites or gelatin are added to remove astringent substances or proteins which can cloud the wine and give off flavours.
A man who has lived under the cloud of suspicion after the death of his wife today spoke of the trauma of a never ending wait for answers.
He says that one of the most difficult aspects of the entire ordeal has been the cloud of suspicion that continues to hang over his head.
a cloud of dust