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clothing / одежда, платье, обмундирование
имя существительное
clothes, clothing, garments, garment, dress, wear
dress, gown, clothes, clothing, frock, costume
outfit, uniform, clothing, regimentals, kit, get-up
имя существительное
clothes collectively.
an item of clothing
put clothes on (oneself or someone); dress.
she was clothed all in white
Students must ensure that each item of clothing , including underwear, be clearly labelled with their names.
You will probably have to exchange traditional clothing for warm winter wear or you will freeze.
Like with any piece of clothing , you really need to try jeans on to see how they work.
None of the rest of us had raincoats or particularly warm clothing .
I find that a lot of professional clothing with a tailored look doesn't fit me well.
I have quite an eye for fashionable clothing and this garment caught my attention immediately.
They want to be dressed in fashionable clothing , wear fancy shoes and drive cool cars.
Wear loose, comfortable clothing and if possible bring a scarf for the hips.
bring warm clothing and waterproofs
He was wearing prison issue clothing of a blue striped shirt and brown trousers.