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clothier / портной, фабрикант сукон
имя существительное
tailor, clothier, snipper, fitter, fashioner, sartor
фабрикант сукон
имя существительное
a person or company that makes, sells, or deals in clothes or cloth.
MPs who railed against the destruction of traditional steel and coal industries are quite happy to see equally traditional farriers, clothiers , boot-makers, stables and kennels go to the wall.
What makes you think I'm going anywhere but to the nearest clothier for a new dress?
He was the son of the greatest clothier of the day and MP for the cloth town of Devizes from the 1690s to his death.
An elegant-looking woman approached them as they entered the clothier , her hair color the same as his, except long and silky.
The son of a tenant farmer in western New York, he gained a minimal education before he was apprenticed as a clothier .
The son of a rich clothier , he gave up wealth and privilege to dress in rags.
The finished product would then be sold to a clothier .
His father was also called Jonas and was a clothier .
Her father was a clothier , and a successful one.
Five years ago, he decided to move uptown to Harlem where a number of black designers and clothiers have also opened boutiques, either for the first time or as an extension of their line.
Because I didn't have opportunities to network with other home-based professional clothiers and had no educational instruction in business techniques, I set my prices too low.