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clothe / одевать, облекать, покрывать
dress, wear, clothe, tog, clad, attire
clothe, invest, vest, clad, enclothe
cover, coat, spread, case, shield, clothe
put clothes on (oneself or someone); dress.
she was clothed all in white
And in our intoxicated state of joy, we clothe ourselves in colorful masks and costumes, and deliver gifts of money to the poor and treats to our neighbors.
Yet within living memory, many parents suffered such hardship that they could hardly afford to feed and clothe their children.
And they have the audacity to clothe themselves in the language of morality.
Marisa is a hard working single mother, striving to feed and clothe her young boy.
In other words, our culture is agrarian at its foundation, farmers provide the raw materials that feed and clothe us all, and our ability to sustain this culture is critical to its survival.
Many of them are struggling all on their own, to keep their families together, to house, feed and clothe their children and to provide them with education.
The exhibition examines the ways in which people clothe themselves and the effects of dress as self-representation or as group identity.
they already had eight children to feed and clothe
Plants keep us warm (log fires, oil, peat) and their fibres are converted into the fabric we use to clothe ourselves and make our homes and institutions more comfortable and attractive.
As a parent, my job is to feed her, clothe her and be a part of the culture she's growing up in.