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cloth / ткань, полотно, сукно
имя существительное
tissue, textile, cloth, fabric, web, material
canvas, cloth, blade, linen, bed, Holland
имя прилагательное
roll, clot, roll up, coagulate, curdle, cloth
thicken, condense, coagulate, clot, deepen, cloth
имя существительное
woven or felted fabric made from wool, cotton, or a similar fiber.
shelves covered with bright red cloth
the clergy; the clerical profession.
a man of the cloth
Invert a large saucepan over the saucepan, lightly rub with oil, and wipe clean with a cloth .
A man of the cloth commands respect. It is assumed that a man of god is somehow better than the rest of us.
The shops of the artisans, the merchants, and especially weavers of cotton cloth are very numerous.
The other main form of visual art is silk and cotton woven cloth with elaborate and subtle patterns and colors.
a cloth bag
The young woman took a clean cloth from a small pile of linen and dipped it into the grimy water.
has he given up all ideas of the cloth?
And over his shoulder were draped strips of various types of cloth and fabric.
To use, apply a small amount to your wood furniture with a soft cotton cloth and rub it in gently.
Raw flax and wool was spun into yarn, this was then dyed or bleached, woven into cloth and then cut and sewn into the garments their families needed.