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clot / сгусток, комок, тромб
имя существительное
clot, bunch, gout, conglomeration, clod, coagulate
ball, wad, clot, gob, nugget
thrombus, clot
roll, clot, roll up, coagulate, curdle, furl
thicken, condense, coagulate, clot, deepen, boil down
bake, clot, parch
имя существительное
a thick mass of coagulated liquid, especially blood, or of material stuck together.
a flat, wet clot of dead leaves
a foolish or clumsy person.
“Watch where you're going, you clot!”
form or cause to form into clots.
drugs that help blood to clot
Maybe somewhere my friend was being similarly greeted and on the cusp of turning from a loveable clot into a threatening idiot.
a blood clot
Stroke is caused by a clot which prevents blood from reaching the brain and is one of the single biggest killers behind cancer and heart disease.
drugs that help blood to clot
“Watch where you're going, you clot!”
Soon I was sitting in a clot of vehicles high above Bay Ridge, alongside a station wagon full of young people.
a clot of dead leaves
Occasionall, nosebleeds happen in people with high blood pressure or with blood that doesn't clot properly.
‘It reduces the stickiness of platelets and makes the blood less able to clot , which is the cause of strokes,’ she said.
She wiped away the little clot of blood on his right ear and kissed it.