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closure / закрытие, завершение, смыкание
имя существительное
closing, closure, close, shutdown, shutoff, dissolution
completion, perfection, end, conclusion, finality, closure
closing, closure
закрывать прения
имя существительное
the act or process of closing something, especially an institution, thoroughfare, or frontier, or of being closed.
hospitals that face closure
a sense of resolution or conclusion at the end of an artistic work.
he brings modernistic closure to his narrative
Well, I think you have to work toward emotional closure .
You need some type of closure and resolution to the case.
It also serves to bring closure to their families, who never received an accurate account of how their loved ones died.
The fabric at the closure of the zipper is nice and smooth and designed nicely at the top of the zipper so as to not irritate the chin.
I am desperately trying to reach closure but I don't know how to do it without answers from him
Whether his surviving victims will, in fact, experience such closure is a question that only they can answer.
The lives and stories frequently intersect as the movie makes its way towards a conclusion that attempts to bring a form of closure to all that has transpired.
And certainly, that will eliminate certain suspects and hopefully bring closure for the parents, whether she's alive or not.
The only thing that brings real closure is the truth.
I do not agree with the closure of Frenches Road and think the process of building the relief road has been most unhelpful to residents and visitors.