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closed / замкнутый, закрытый, крытый
имя прилагательное
closed, close, enclosed, withdrawn, reserved, insular
closed, close, enclosed, shut, covered, hooded
covered, closed
имя прилагательное
not open.
rooms with closed doors lined the hallway
She leaned against the closed door and took three deep breaths before she too got ready for the big showdown.
Upon arriving at the door we were individually told that this was always a closed meeting and not open to the public.
He argued that the earth resembled a closed system, which used up its finite stocks of useful energy in an irreversible way.
A closed sign was put up in the front door of the bakery and detectives spoke to staff.
There is no point in attempting to convert someone whose mind is closed .
Kamat pushes open a closed door from her past and a memory slips out.
They want the closed factory reopened and the payment of salaries pending for the last 18 months.
This isn't to say that secular liberals aren't also sometimes afflicted by prejudice or guilty of a closed mind.
We should not strive for a state where we censor our business contacts and limit them only to a closed clique.
The company is closed for the Christmas break, and no-one was available for comment.