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close-up / крупный план, тщательный осмотр
имя существительное
крупный план
тщательный осмотр
overhaul, close-up
имя прилагательное
close, near, intimate, familiar, nearby, close-up
в увеличенном масштабе
имя существительное
a photograph, movie, or video taken at close range and showing the subject on a large scale.
a close-up of her face
This book consists of close-up reporting, deploying a novelist's eye for detail and ear for dialogue.
a close-up of her face
The beginning of the film shows a selection of different modes of transport, all in close-up and fragmented.
We see images of a panther and a tiger in close-up pacing their cages.
they see themselves in close-up
Lying among the barberfish, I was able to get good close-up photographs even with my super-wide-angle lens.
We did so, and moved towards the nearest exit that would still allow us a close-up view of the fireworks.
That's why, after a certain number of films, I couldn't stand looking at myself in close-up .
the book's close-up account of the violence
The film is a slow zoom from an extreme wide shot of a room into an extreme close-up of a single image.