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close-set / сближены
имя прилагательное
(of two or more things) placed or occurring with little space in between.
her eyes were too close-set for beauty
Closer examination, however, reveals the loris's close-set eyes and the nails on its feet and hands.
He looks at you with close-set yellow eyes without knowing what happened.
The emergence of primates, with their close-set eyes and stereoscopic vision, coincided with the appearance of flowering plants and the new host of insects that fed on them.
The massive structure, some 45 metres wide, was defined not by banks and ditches but by hundreds of close-set oak posts.
Shane was a serious sort of young man with close-set eyes and a curly page boy that was already thinning on top.
The other looked less human than the rest - his limbs were too out of proportion, his eyes were too close-set and large.
It was pale, and its ribs protruded like the rungs of a close-set ladder.
Finally, upstage right a cluster of small, close-set houses like a typical Mediterranean village represents Ephesus.
In plan, the present building began life as a simple rectangular structure of three bays, with close-set studding on the ground floor and square panelling above.
In the freestanding mirror, Kenji could make out the monkey's close-set eyes peering unblinkingly at its own small, reddened face.