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close-knit / сплоченный, последовательный
имя прилагательное
solid, well-knit, closely-knit, close-knit
consistent, serial, consecutive, successive, sequential, close-knit
имя прилагательное
(of a group of people) united or bound together by strong relationships and common interests.
a close-knit community
Her recollection of those early years was of a close-knit happy family that played games together.
It is a small community, a close-knit community and crimes of this nature are very, very rare.
We, like many others, want to spend a quiet and happy retirement in Lee, it is such a close-knit , safe community.
One of the school's strengths is its place at the centre of a close-knit village community.
Friends and work colleagues in the close-knit community of Wentworth have already been a huge comfort, he said.
There are only eight teaching staff, and about 20 people work here all together, so it is a close-knit team.
Meals together are crucial to the building of a close-knit and joyful community.
You no longer have close-knit mining or ship-building communities.
He also had a spell at Reading but only really felt happy when he was back in the bosom of his close-knit family and friends.
It was little wonder the advert quickened pulses among members of Edinburgh's close-knit financial community.