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close-cropped / коротко остриженный
имя прилагательное
коротко остриженный
en brosse, close-cropped
имя прилагательное
(typically of hair or grass) cut very short.
‘Whatever happens in the big city never happens here,’ says Bukvaidze, a well-built man of about 50 with close-cropped hair.
There stood a dark-skinned adolescent with close-cropped hair, whose gender I could detect only because of her ruffly dress.
He is a sneering blond man, with close-cropped hair, and a muscular build.
His close-cropped hair is gray by genetics, not chartreuse, cerise, or hot pink by designer dye.
Deep-voiced, with close-cropped gray hair and a short beard, Dostum looked Nash in the eye as he spoke.
Brennan ran his fingers thru his close-cropped hair.
With his smart clothes, close-cropped blond hair and remarkable self-assurance, Keating is more reminiscent of William Hague.
Matthew was 5ft 5ins tall, slim, with close-cropped hair and was wearing blue jeans, a navy sweatshirt and black trainers.
Whiteley, who is about 5ft 9in with close-cropped hair, has a distinctive heart-shaped tattoo of ‘Debs’ on his neck.
His close-cropped hair is tidier than the thinning, wispy strands he regularly pulls off his face in court.
She first hit screens at age 21 in 1986 as a bleach-blonde punkette with close-cropped hair and a taste for unruly eye makeup.