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clop / стук, стук копыт
имя существительное
knock, knocking, clatter, hammering, bang, clop
стук копыт
имя существительное
a sound or series of sounds made by a horse's hooves on a hard surface.
Beside him he could hear the thundering clop of Chubb's hooves; the rumbling roar of the buggy to his rear.
(of a horse) move with a clop.
the animal clopped on at a steady pace
He was startled suddenly out of his deep thoughts by the clop of hooves.
As she sat in the Sallacks's carriage minutes later, listening to the clop of hooves, she thought back over the night's events.
They kept riding, the clop of the hooves and hum of the city giving her a safer feeling.
There was only the heavy breathing of both men, and the clop, clop of Dragon's hooves.
He heard the ruffle of feathers and the clop of hooves behind him.
She healed her own head and began to remove his bandages as she heard the clop and scrape of hooves and talons.
the plodding clop of patient draught horses
The clop of their hooves and the jingle of the harness was rhythmic, almost soothing.
Hoof beats sounded up ahead and the two recognized the heavy clop of unicorn hooves.
If you stand quietly and let your imagination run away, you can hear the creak of carts, the clop of hooves on the cobbles, and the voices of animals and people.