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clod / ком, ком земли, глыба
имя существительное
clod, lump, ball, globe, wodge, cob
ком земли
clod of earth, clod
lump, block, clump, cob, clod, mammock
clot, bunch, gout, conglomeration, clod, coagulate
booby, blockhead, clod, loggerhead, dullard, sap
швырять комьями
cake, clod
слеживаться комьями
roll, clot, roll up, coagulate, curdle, clod
имя существительное
a lump of earth or clay.
The soil was so hard it took Moore three whacks with a pick just to break loose a clod of clay.
a stupid person (often used as a general term of abuse).
But this is an army of rookies, clods , and dimwits - and the women make short work of their glorious space armada.
You must be that insensitive clod dating Bridget Harrison.
It's a place where you are least likely to run into some clod yakking on a cell phone.
‘And last but not least, this snoring clod is Sven,’ he finished giving Sven an elbow in the ribs.
The comic book cutscenes also now look a lot better since they fired that sideburned-coiffed clod who played Max in the original.
"Quiet, you, " he threw a clod of dirt at her as she collapsed into helpless giggles.
Veil desperately tried to leap out, but a big clod of earth landed on his head.
Many is the time some clod has thoughtlessly pushed the recliner lever, full throttle, winding up inches from your adviser's lap.
He gave me an angry look, and threw another clod of dirt into the grave.
Scowling, he threw a clod of frozen dirt into the stream.
As he walks out to the car he picks up a clod of earth and throws it at the proprietor's house.