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clockwise / по часовой стрелке
по часовой стрелке
clockwise, sunwise
имя прилагательное
движущийся по часовой стрелке
in a curve corresponding in direction to the typical forward movement of the hands of a clock.
turn the knob clockwise
If he plays an ace, the play continues in the normal clockwise direction.
My only real advice is to make sure you walk it in a clockwise direction, otherwise you'll be faced with a long, steep and sustained ascent.
Anyone who walks round the Guru Granth Sahib or the Gurdwara must do so in a clockwise direction.
Get everyone to sit down, lift their right leg off the ground and turn it in a clockwise direction.
If you have children or new skiers in your group, you may want follow the trail in a clockwise direction.
The player to the left of dealer begins and the initial direction of play is clockwise .
Each player in a clockwise direction then lays a card on top of the pile.
The swim is due to start in Donegal next July and will take up to seven weeks to go around the coast in a clockwise direction.
He placed it in the lock and turned it one full turn in a clockwise direction.
Just don't forget to dance round your fire in a clockwise direction to ensure good portents for your family in the coming season.