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cloche / вид тепличной рамы, крышка скороварки, дамская шляпа 'колокол'
имя существительное
вид тепличной рамы
крышка скороварки
дамская шляпа 'колокол'
имя существительное
a small translucent cover for protecting or forcing outdoor plants.
Plant under cloches and begin covering at night when temperatures drop below 35 degrees.
She put it on, and then chose a matching veiled cloche from the clothes press, which she perched on her head, low over her bangs.
In colder areas, a plastic cloche or a cold-frame can be used to keep these vegetables cropping.
Sow an early batch of parsley in a cold frame or under a cloche .
Grown outdoors they tend to bolt in summer but indoors or under a cloche they should crop right through until Easter.
Winter lettuce is available, but this is best protected with a cloche .
A cut off clear plastic water bottle makes a good cloche .
This second layer can take the shape of a cold frame, cloche , or even just another sheet of plastic, suspended above the plants using wires for support.
This can be done by covering the plant with a cloche in wet weather.
Put a cloche over your parsley for winter pickings.
Plant lettuce, spinach and other greens directly into garden beds and protect from the elements with a cloche or row cover.