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clobber / колошматить, избить, избивать
clobber, bang up, beat hollow, paste, let into, work over
slay, beat up, rough up, manhandle, maul, clobber
имя существительное
clothes, clothing, garments, garment, dress, clobber
rigging, clobber, furbelows, thread
hit (someone) hard.
if he does that I'll clobber him!
add enameled decoration to (porcelain).
The hateful practice of clobbering oriental porcelain, already begun, pointed a cheap and easy way to the decorators of faience.
The first thing that Coach did when we entered the huddle was clobber Zeke in a huge bear hug.
You never know what might be coming to clobber you.
A crash was on the way, Baker pointed out, and it would financially clobber many working people.
if he does that I'll clobber him!
There, when one side clobbers the other, the response is clobber back.
if he does that I'll clobber him!
Once again, it proposes to clobber the motorist.
I found all his clobber in the locker
If Mac ever learns of this, he is going to clobber me.
Most people would do one of two things: leave, or grab a baseball bat and clobber whatever it was that wasn't supposed to be there.