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cloak / плащ, мантия, покров
имя существительное
cloak, cape, slicker, pallium
mantle, gown, robe, cloak, pallium, pall
cover, covering, veil, coat, blanket, cloak
mask, camouflage, disguise, conceal, cloak, veil
hide, conceal, mask, cover, keep, cloak
покрывать плащом
имя существительное
an outdoor overgarment, typically sleeveless, that hangs loosely from the shoulders.
Though cloaks were standard dress from the 1st century AD, wool or linen clothes have not survived from Roman Britain.
dress in a cloak.
she cloaked herself in black
Under the cloak of darkness, they can slip into a cocoon of overhanging foliage.
They wished to hide behind the cloak of something invisible, to conceal the vacuity of their tall stories.
With fumbling fingers, he took his transmitter out from where it had been hidden in his cloak .
He stood up stretched and put his gear back on, but he kept the dagger out, hidden away in his cloak .
The result is that error cannot be acknowledged and must thus be hidden under the cloak of the papal claim.
Others cloak themselves in black coats and hats to blend into the crowds of Jerusalem's Orthodox Jews.
But these reactionary ideas find it necessary to cloak themselves in the language of science to gain legitimacy.
A government espousing this view wraps the cloak of secrecy around itself.
A value-judgement is therefore implicit in the use of this method, though disguised under a cloak of objectivity.
Since that time nearly every military effort has had to cloak itself in some lofty universal principal.