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clipper / клипер, кусачки, скоростной самолет
имя существительное
nippers, clipper, pair of nippers, wire-cutters, wire-cutter
скоростной самолет
имя существительное
an instrument for cutting or trimming small pieces off things.
hedge clippers
a microchip that inserts an identifying code into encrypted transmissions, allowing them to be deciphered by a third party having access to a government-held key.
There were contentious debates over the clipper chip , online wire tapping, and encryption.
a fast sailing ship, especially one of 19th-century design with concave bows and raked masts.
Star Clipper and her near-identical sister ship are fantastic square-rigged clippers .
As the last surviving clipper built for the China Tea trade in 1869, the Cutty Sark is also a major part of Britain's Maritime history.
Strictly speaking, the new Amistad is a reproduction or a recreation of the original, a Baltimore clipper built in Cuba around 1835 to carry general cargo.
Indeed I found a reference to the East India Company clipper Union landing on the island in 1609.
The loss of this three-masted clipper , and her 27 crew, has remained one of Australia's greatest sea mysteries.
the Cutty Sark , a tea clipper built in 1869
The only time he looked forward was to peer over his hedge clippers into the kitchen window where Mahulda drank her peaberry coffee.
Please don't keep your toenails raggedy when clippers , emery boards and pumice stones are readily available.
Where would we be without weed wackers, chain saws, and electric hedge clippers ?
The hedge clippers , meanwhile, were now cutting at the air, jarring her fingers as the handle opened and shut in her hand.
But I had a hangnail and was focused on my toenail clippers .