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clipboard / пюпитр в виде дощечки с зажимом
имя существительное
пюпитр в виде дощечки с зажимом
имя существительное
a small board with a spring clip at the top, used for holding papers and providing support for writing.
Dr. Martin replied, straightening his tie and clipping a new set of papers into his clipboard .
He glanced down at the papers on her clipboard , comparing them to the readings on the machine next to his bed.
Miss Case was not writing anymore and her clipboard and paper were sitting down on the table where she left them.
He marked something down on the sheet of paper attached to his clipboard .
She picked up the quill Ady offered her and signed the paper, returning the clipboard .
This is an example of how the Windows clipboard can copy and paste text to another location.
Right after the capture you can send the screenshot to the clipboard or to a file.
He specifically recalled the grower's notes because they were clipped to a clipboard on the dashboard.
In addition, the data can be logged, exported in a variety of formats, or even copied to the clipboard .
The nurse took the papers from the clipboard and gave them to a doctor.
He flung his arms wildly, causing the papers on the clipboard to go flying around.