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clip-on / клип на
имя прилагательное
attached by a clip so as to be easy to fasten or remove.
a clip-on bow tie
имя существительное
things, especially sunglasses or earrings, that are attached by clips.
At least the clip-ons would be attached in two places and would have less leverage and force against them.
An additional feature is the new clip-on visor.
As might be expected, the uniform was very starchy with a pinny and clip-on collar.
Mr Tang should learn the tricks of his trade and wear clip-on ties!
We climbed into oilskins, life jackets and clip-on safety harnesses, and became fellow shipmates for the day-night crossing.
Attached to the dummy is an adjustable frame that holds your ski boot via a clip such as those used with clip-on crampons.
Though experts say the clip-on hair extensions are easy to work with, you can have a hairdresser apply them if you prefer.
I have to remove one glitzy clip-on earring every time I answer the phone.
She had clip-on nose and lip rings and various makeup applied to her face.
Why couldn't Jess have got us the clip-on kind of ties?
I should've got a clip-on , but Dad hadn't reminded us of this event until that morning.