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clip / клип, зажим, клипс
имя существительное
clamp, clip, jaw, grip, clasp, lock
crop, cut off, clip, prune, truncate, edge
cut off, clip, exscind
cut, clip, shave, pare, shore
имя существительное
a device, typically flexible or worked by a spring, for holding an object or objects together or in place.
The clips , bonded together in rows of 50, like gun nails, prevent tangling and make installation fast and productive.
an act of clipping or trimming something.
I gave him a full clip
a quick or glancing blow.
you need a clip on the jaw
a specified speed or rate of movement, especially when rapid.
we crossed the dance floor at a fast clip
fasten or be fastened with a clip or clips.
she clipped on a pair of diamond earrings
cut short or trim (hair, wool, nails, or vegetation) with shears or scissors.
clipping the hedge
strike briskly or with a glancing blow.
the steamroller clipped some parked cars
swindle or rob (someone).
in all the years he ran the place, he was clipped only three times
move quickly in a specified direction.
we clip down the track
She was brushing her bright blue hair, putting two pigtails in her hair and a heart clip to hold back loose strands.
selection favoured a heavy wool clip
They keep me grounded, and if I ever get a bit big headed, I'm not too big for a clip round the ear!
I gave him a full clip
Once there was a golden era when all crime was prevented by a clip round the ear from a stern but avuncular local policeman.
The overhangs have hooks that washers can clip to as they clean.
A potter's needle or a bent paper clip is used to trace around the leaf.
a gilt clip fastened her hair
If possible, bathe and clip your horse the day before you need to leave.
As companies move at a rapid clip , employees are seeing the scope of their positions expand to keep pace.