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clinker / клинкер, шлак, штукатурный гвоздь
имя существительное
clinker, brick, pavior, paviour
slag, dross, clinker, cinder, scoria, sinter
штукатурный гвоздь
clinker, clout
имя существительное
the stony residue from burned coal or from a furnace.
The expected decrease of duty on cement and clinker from Rs 400 per tonne to Rs 350 per tonne didn't happen.
something that is unsatisfactory, of poor quality, or a failure.
marketing couldn't save such clinkers as these films
Another is a rounded piece of clinker , a porous material that results from the burning of coal seams.
Suddenly, I hit an obvious clinker with my right hand - a wrong note that had never happened before and that sounded pretty stupid.
We cool the clinker , add a bit of gypsum to control setting time, and crush the mixture into a fine powder.
Anyway Marron made it two with another clinker .
In addition, the plant has 11 air cannons installed on the clinker cooler.
The company imported 33,000 tonnes of clinker to support the company's own production in order to maximise cement production.
An electric three-roll crusher reduces 95% of the clinker to less than 35 mm in size.
Holcim also has placed an order with IKN to upgrade the two clinker coolers at the Dundee, Mich. plant.
With additional analysis of shipping market development, the study also includes detailed appraisals of cement and clinker imports and exports.
The sintered material is cooled to form cement clinker .