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clink / звон, гауптвахта, тюрьма
имя существительное
ringing, jingle, ring, clink, tinkling, clatter
guardhouse, guardroom, clink, cooler
prison, jail, gaol, pokey, prison house, clink
ring, clink, jingle, ding, clang, tingle
sound, ring, resound, speak, go, clink
имя существительное
a sharp ringing sound, such as that made when metal or glass are struck.
a clink of keys
he was put in the clink for six days
make or cause to make a clink.
his ring clinked against the crystal
I heard Suzie clink a piece of crockery
There was just the general clink of silverware meeting china and rattle of cup against saucer.
File swappers face three years in jail for the first offence, and six more years in the clink for repeat offences, thus making criminals out of a large section of the US population.
The rhythmic clink of armor could suddenly be heard through the storm's quieting howl, as if nature itself feared dominance in any way over this being.
It ain't cheap springing two of them from the puppy clink .
A first time offender for a copyright infringement violation could receive five years in the clink and a fine of $250,000.
The bottles slid down their slots, greeting their brothers with a satisfying clink .
At the very least, Noah should spend a little time in clink .
some bloke he'd met in clink
With a hollow clink , it once more sat at its customary place, the level of liquid lowered.