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clinic / клиника, медпункт, лечебница
имя существительное
clinic, polyclinic
clinic, first-aid post
clinic, retreat, specializing hospital
имя прилагательное
clinical, clinic
имя существительное
a place or hospital department where outpatients are given medical treatment or advice, especially of a specialist nature.
a mental health clinic
a conference or short course on a particular subject.
a ski clinic
an antenatal clinic
The hotel is a member of the Leading Hotels of the World group; it provides a free shuttle service to local golf courses and a golf clinic .
a ski clinic
Referral to a wheelchair clinic for specialist seating advice is also important at the appropriate stage of the condition.
It can be done in a clinic , hospital outpatient department or doctor's surgery.
Many children receive chemotherapy on an outpatient basis at a clinic or hospital.
a drum clinic
We based this review on our extensive clinical experience in managing patients in a dedicated tinea capitis clinic at a teaching hospital.
All these subjects were hospitalized or were seen at the outpatient clinic of our department.
a mental health clinic