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cling / цепляться, льнуть, держаться
cling, scramble, clamber, clamber up
cling, stick
keep, hold, hold on, stick, stand, cling
(of a person or animal) hold on tightly to.
she clung to Joe's arm
имя существительное
a clingstone peach.
I saw a shadow, looked up, Del monte cling peaches coming right on my head.
Silk and artificial fabrics can cling , restricting airflow and causing you to sweat more.
And to warm themselves, the women cling close together under Mrs Charmond's furs until she feels strong enough to get to her feet.
The smoke seemed to cling tenaciously to Erul, as he hacked and coughed.
She must cling still closer to him, echo faithfully his individuality, lose herself in him.
We cling as close as possible to normal American rituals.
I would cling closely to my mother and beg to go home if we encountered a sixties-era bohemian in the grocery store.
the fish cling to the line of the weed
‘I missed you too, but don't cling child,’ advised her grandma, ‘who's your friend?’
Those who remain cling tenaciously to what their forebears laid down, but retreat into the shade.
Australian record companies appear to cling stubbornly to traditional business models.