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climes / климат, край, страна
имя существительное
climate, clime, sky, skies
edge, region, end, margin, side, clime
country, nation, land, region, clime
имя существительное
a region considered with reference to its climate.
the Continent and its sunnier climes
The coffee bean, as you may know, comes from an evergreen tree that thrives in subtropical climes .
They immediately headed south to the continent's sunnier climes .
It is a veritable tribute to the two communities that thrive in the warm and balmy climes of the island nation.
Winter is a wonderful time for birdwatching, thanks to the surge of shivering Greenlanders who flock to our more temperate climes .
In 2,500 BC, primitive agriculture was difficult enough to practise in nice, warm climes .